National Pecan Pie Day


Today is National Pecan Pie Day- now that is something my taste buds are happy to celebrate!  

I love pecan pie and if it comes with chocolate chips (like Cracker Barrel’s version), I’ll eat that too.  I love how the sticky sweetness of the filling is tempered with the blander crunch of the pecans. 

My favorite pecan pie story is actually about one that we didn’t buy.  For several years my husband and I would travel from Houston to Kingsland, Texas to visit his sister.  We always took a scenic route on State Highway 71 that took us through Bastrop (beautiful little city!) and Austin.

There was a business we passed on these trips with a giant squirrel out front.  I mean giant as in 14 feet tall giant. Of course, we couldn’t ignore that, so we made time to stop and check it out.

The store is the Berdoll Pecan Candy & Gift Company and it carries every imaginable pecan treat, both sweet and savory (and had lots of samples!).

The most unique part of the store, in my opinion, is the vending machine out front.  It’s not an average vending machine as it sells all kinds of pecan goodies to after hour shoppers, including entire pecan pies.  Yes, you can purchase a whole pie from this machine.

Sadly, we didn’t actually buy one.  Pie isn’t the best travel food, in my opinion, and there are all kinds of small town bakeries along this route that offer goodies that are more portable.  However, the concept (and the squirrel!) obviously made an impression on me.