All-American Pet Photo Day

Today is All-American Pet Photo Day!  Pet holidays are my second favorite type of holiday (behind tasty food ones, of course) and lucky for me there are bunches of them.

I’m including a couple of pictures of my cats to celebrate.  We adopted these from a rescue organization last winter and have just fallen in love with them.  

Max- and this is a true story!

We have had pets before, another set of cats and a dog, who lived long, very loved lives as part of our family before passing away, but I have never had pets that I doted on quite this much.  I hadn’t really been able to figure out why, but my son offered a great insight. He said that our other pets were like our children and now this set is like our grandchildren.

This is so true!  Our other pets were just worked into the fabric of all the crazy things that went on in our lives as part of raising our family.  And I feel busy now, but it’s a different kind of busy, not the frantic rush to get kids off to school, homework, and lunches made every day. 

I’m much more patient with these cats and go out of my way to indulge and pamper them.  Even though they are our own and not our kids’ pets, they do get treated like grand cats (and as you can see, they look totally spoiled).

I can’t wait to check out #allamericanpetphotoday and see everyone else’s fur babies!

Mia- and another true story!
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National Hug Your Cat Day

Today is National Hug Your Cat Day!

I tried to find out the origins of this day, but couldn’t find much information, just typical calls to love on your kitty.  But let’s be honest, I don’t think most cats want to be hugged, especially in response to an arbitrary holiday.

A quick scan through Pinterest images for Hug Your Cat Day confirms I’m right, most the pictures show very enthusiastic owners and tolerant (if not downright hostile) kitties.

One of my cats, Mia, is very particular about whether she will even allow us to pet her, so I think she is a definite “no” for hugging.  The other one, Max, can be very cuddly and snuggly, but only when he’s ready.

My entire family is introverted and I think that’s why cats work better for us.  We understand the need for affection on our terms and the desire for solitude.

Max making his feelings known.

Happy World Otter Day!

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Yay, a day to celebrate one of the earth’s most entertaining little creatures, the otter!

This day was started five years ago by the International Otter Survival Fund to raise awareness about otters as endangered species.  

My son loved otters growing up and we have visited the river otters at The Houston Zoo multiple times and the sea otters at The New York Aquarium.  He had several stuffed toy versions, books and room decorations. Our best otter product was his Halloween costume. I used a generic animal costume pattern, because of course, I couldn’t find a specific otter costume.  It took some adapting, but I was thrilled with how it turned out (he even had a plastic fish).


Happy National Pet’s Mom Day

I was really excited to discover that Saturday was National Dog’s Mom Day, BUT my enthusiasm was dimmed slightly when I realized that cat moms, turtle moms, and other animal loving moms don’t have special days too.  What? Where can I file a complaint? I vote for a name change- Saturday should be renamed National Pet’s Mom Day.   Or at the very least, we should show them some extra special love to them on Sunday when we’re honoring all the rest of the mommas.

I’m sure my kitties, Max and Mia, will come up with something extra for me (I just hope it’s not one of their special litter box creations!)

Max dreaming about what he should get me for Mother’s Day
And Mia is dreaming about it too!

National Pet Day

Happy National Pet Day!!  This is a day established in 2005 to encourage people to adopt animals from shelters.  I want to note that there also special days throughout the year celebrating individual types of pets too, including cats (in October), dogs and guinea pigs (both in August), and birds (in May).  But in the US we spent over 70 billion dollars on our pets last year, so I’m betting that we can’t celebrate our fur babies (or feathered/scaled babies) too much.

The specific message today is such a good one.  There are so many lost animals that are just looking for a forever family.  We adopted our kitties from a local rescue group and they had been through so much before they ever reached our home.  They were pretty scrawny, in spite of the care of their wonderful foster mother (she only had them for a few days). Both have now put on weight and have soft, beautiful coats.  Our little Mia spent the first few days hiding under our couch and while she and Max are still pretty skittish when it comes to change, they have fallen into routines that includes lots of petting and cuddling.  In the few short months we’ve had them they have already added so much happiness and laughter to our home

I like to think that pets are the gifts we give ourselves.  WebMD cites how beneficial pets are to our health and that studies show they play key roles in easing stress and depression as well as improving fitness and blood pressure.  They accept us in spite of our faults and will generally listen without judgment no matter how many times we’ve told the story.

So for National Pet Day, if you have the ability and inclination, I hope you will consider adding the joy of a shelter pet to your heart and home.