Halloween Calendar Project

My 21 year old son is autistic.  One of the characteristics of many autistic people is an absolute focus on certain subjects.  Joshua’s passions include trains, dinosaurs, movies, movie monsters and especially, Halloween.  I was always fascinated with monsters as a child myself- I remember going outside on Halloween night and looking up into the sky, hoping to catch a glimpse of witches flying through the sky.  I am sure I bear total responsibility for that particular obsession.

He gets a calendar for Christmas each year; most of the recent years have been gifts of those that feature zombies, although calendars with dinosaurs and trains have also made past appearances.  I have looked desperately for werewolf calendars with no luck.  It isn’t quite the draw that zombies are in this Walking Dead era.

Sometimes he goes through periods of stress and anxiety; these have been especially bad lately and for the first time in his life he is taking medication to manage these.  One trick that I have used for years when he seems to be getting especially anxious is distraction.  I made an offhand comment a few weeks ago in one of these situations, lamenting the fact that there isn’t a calendar specifically for Halloween.  We had a nice distracting conversation about which characters should go with which months; mission accomplished.

It got me thinking, though, couldn’t we make a Halloween calendar?  It might be a nice project for us to do together.  Sure enough, Amazon came to the rescue with a blank calendar and he has enjoyed picking out pictures of his favorite horror characters and icons to be featured.  It makes me wish I had thought of this years ago- I am already making plans for my own calendar project for my office at work (no ghouls to be included in that one!).



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