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Lesson from my alarm clock…

I’ve written previously about how much I enjoy listening to podcasts and specifically mentioned Gretchen Rubin’s “Happier” as one of my favorites.  I was thrilled last week when Gretchen and her co host sister, Elizabeth, read an email I sent them on the air. I became so excited that the drivers around me in traffic must have thought I was having some kind of fit.

Another listener had previously complained about how they couldn’t get up in the morning, they just repeatedly hit the snooze button.  This was something I struggled with myself, sometimes hitting the snooze for hours (really!) each morning. Of course, I was always rushed and it was no way to start each day.  I tried different things, but finally went out and bought an old fashioned battery powered alarm clock with big bells on top, one that doesn’t have a snooze button. I know when my alarm goes off now that I must get up- no more nine minute reprieves.

This simple solution has been life changing for me.  In fact, it was such an easy fix that I hesitated to even offer it, but it made such a difference in my morning that I sent it in to the podcast as an email suggestion.  I never dreamed that my favorite podcasters would read it on air.

There is a bigger lesson here for me.  I often hesitate to post something on my blog or make a suggestion in a work or church group.  I think to myself, “no one wants to read about that,” or “this has probably already been tried and rejected as a solution.”  I need to push myself more to venture outside my comfort zone. I shouldn’t worry about possible judgment and be willing to showcase my ideas.  There may be some (or many!) that are duds, but I shouldn’t let that hold me back.  

2 thoughts on “Lesson from my alarm clock…

  1. That is a great idea! Glad you shared it. I hesitate too to offer my input or thoughts in a lot of different areas. I am so afraid of rejection – at least that is what it feels like if my idea got shot down. I take it so personally and it can hurt for days. I found some more freedom writing here on my blog. I am very careful how I word things, but thankfully, most people accept my blog as I do theirs – as an expression of our thoughts and feelings. Anyway, great job – I smiled at the idea of you driving around all crazy happy scaring other drivers 🙂

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