Would you let someone else do your grocery shopping?

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I have a confession to make.  Last Saturday I used a pickup service for my groceries.

Why would this be something worthy of a confession?  Well, when this option first started popping up as an option in my local stores, I rolled my eyes.  It sounded kind of lazy. Would people really pay a stranger to shop for them? Would they trust them to pick the best fruit?  The freshest bread?

I knew some early adopters who really liked it, and although I heard complaints about short expiration dates, most of the gripes were about price.  One local store was charging a flat fee AND a surcharge on every item, though most stores just charged one or the other.

Pros- of course, it’s convenient.  Not only do I avoid the store (and the lines, crowds, and crying kids), I have the app on my phone, so as I menu plan or see a need for something, I can add it to my cart as I go to be included on the next week’s haul, no worries about a list.

Cons- there are things I miss when I don’t actually see the item in my hand.  For example, I bought some corn starch. I just went with the cheapest option, however, if I would have seen the design of the top of container and how it closed so poorly, I would have gone with another brand.  Corn starch is not something I want spilling all over my pantry.

Pro/con?- I don’t get to see new products or off list items I might be interested in.  It’s great that I will make less impulse buys, but sometimes those are the products I’ve found really useful.  

The store I use doesn’t charge for this service at this time, as long as I make a minimum purchase, so I consider that a real bargain.  I admit that my husband and I still buy our own bread and fruit. I just can’t trust a stranger (at least not yet) to make the best choice on those items.  I also don’t allow substitutes, if the store is out of what I specifically requested, I’ll pick it up myself.

I feel confident that these types of services will just continue to proliferate.  How long until someone comes to my home to fill up my gas tank or wash my car? Actually those sound like good ideas….no eye rolling here.

2 thoughts on “Would you let someone else do your grocery shopping?

  1. I buy certain household items in bulk, so there’s an online service I often use for that. I usually buy food products myself but that’s because I buy very little at a time so it doesn’t seem practical to use a service. But I know people love it, so…

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    1. They finally built a Costco on my side of town last year, so I have been buying my bulk household items there. Previously, it was so far away I felt I had to really stock up every time I shopped there and it got to be so expensive I had stopped going. Now, if I just need laundry detergent. it’s so close I can just go and grab that. And the less time I spend in that store, the better. I was always finding “extras” to add to my cart.

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