Hopping Down the Bunny Trail….

When I set out to make some Easter cards this year, I knew I wanted them to feature bunnies.  I think I’m pretty much an equal opportunity animal lover when it comes it crafting, but bunnies are just a notch higher on the cuteness meter.  They look so soft and cuddly and then there’s the ears and the hopping- just so adorable. I stayed in a very chi-chi hotel for work a few years ago and the place was stunning with amazing views of the Pacific Ocean and amenities that exceeded anything I ever could have afforded on my own.  However, my favorite part of the whole fancy place was the little brown bunnies hopping around the yard. I could’ve watched them all day long.

Once February 15th arrives, it’s easy to find rabbits in every incarnation imaginable- edible, inflated, illuminated- everything goes cottontail and with them comes the promise that warmer and longer days are coming soon.  Yay! Another reason to celebrate bunnies! Yet, once their season of glory passes, they are relegated to the clearance bin even more quickly than last year’s jack o’ lanterns.

I adore the little critters, but have always categorized them a spring animal.  For example, I can’t imagine featuring a card with a bunny scampering through the autumn leaves or sticking his head out of a pumpkin or stocking- it just doesn’t work.  I thought I better get all my rabbit crafts done now before it gets hot and their moment passes. However, once I put these watercolor gingham cards together, I loved them so much I just had to find a way to enjoy them year round.   This prompted me to plan a set of small framed prints using the same clip art and paper for my office at work. Something so precious should be enjoyed more than just once a year.

Digital paper sourced from: http://www.etsy.com/shop/AlyanaGrafica

Rabbit Clip art sourced from: http://www.etsy.com/shop/SmallHouseBigPony

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