Food Review: Chick Fil A’s Frosted Key Lime Treat

Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

Last weekend I had the opportunity to try Chick Fil A’s newest menu option- the Frosted Key Lime.  This not something I would normally get. If I’m splurging at Chick Fil A, it’s usually on fries or cookies.  However, the uniqueness of the flavor intrigued me enough to try it.

This treat starts as a frosted lemonade, an already well established item on Chick Fil A’s menu.  The lime flavor comes from a mixture of three types of limes and it’s colored with turmeric and spirulina.  I didn’t know what spirulina was and my stomach clenched a bit when I found out it was algae, but if algae tastes like this, I may just become a fan.

I loved how the creamy sweetness of the ice cream counteracted the tartness of the lime without obscuring it. Chick Fil A’s soft serve ice cream has a sweet vanilla flavor, better than other fast food restaurants, which really elevates all their frozen desserts.

The drink comes in two sizes and also in a “diet” version utilizing their Splenda sweetened lemonade in the base.  I tried the regular version, but next time I might try the “diet” as my husband might not be as eager to help me drink it.  Maybe I should just tell him about the algae?

I highly recommend giving this a try.  I don’t eat key lime pie so I can’t speak to the authenticity of the flavor when compared to the real thing, but it certainly was delicious.  It’s only available for a limited time and I will definitely be getting one more before it exits the menu.

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