Great pizza at a great price…

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I am always on the lookout for tasty food options I can easily fit into my semi-healthy eating plan and I give bonus points if it’s fast and affordable as well.  Mod Pizza definitely falls into this category.

The concept reminds me of Subway restaurants, but for pizza.  Customers step up to a counter area that houses all types of fresh looking ingredients and sauces, choose a base, and watch as their personal pizza is created before their eyes.  Bases include 6 inch, 11 inch single, and 11 inch double crusts.  Pizzas can be topped with all the usuals like green peppers and sausage, but the diverse selections also include artichokes, arugula, broccoli, and corn.  There are also a few choices of sauce and specialty glazes such as BBQ sauce, sriracha, and fig balsamic available to add even more flavor.

Once the pizza has been custom topped, it is baked in an open oven where flames are visible.  This allows the pizza to bake quickly (in about three minutes, per their website), but also provides an amazing crispness and flavor to the crust.  

Mod provides several suggested pizza combinations on its menu, including the Maddy, which is a basic cheese pizza, and my favorite called the Mad Dog.  Mad Dog comes with red sauce, pepperoni, sausage, and ground beef.  Amazingly, there is no extra charge for extra ingredients- more cheese and add bacon? Yes, please!

My husband and I usually share an 11 inch and even though we are pretty hearty eaters, that is more than enough to feel satisfied.  The calorie count for half a Mad Dog, without extra toppings, is 430 calories. 

That is only 20 calories more than a Lean Cuisine pepperoni pizza, but so much better tasting.  My husband and I can eat at our local restaurant for under 13 dollars, including drinks, which is incredible, given how tasty the food is!

Obviously, the fat content on a Lean Cuisine pizza is much less than half of a Mad Dog, but there is a wide assortment of fresh vegetables and grilled chicken available as toppings for those who might prefer something even healthier.  They also serve salads and will even place it on a freshly baked pizza crust, if desired.  I haven’t tried the salads, milkshakes, or artisanal lemonades, but if they are as good as the pizza, they would be a real treat.

When I want a little splurge to satisfy a pizza craving, without totally blowing my eating, Mod Pizza is a great value.  According to their website, they have stores in 28 states and the U.K.


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