Beating back a summer slump…


Dinos Alive Exhibit – Moody Gardens, Galveston, Texas

I have really been backsliding with my eating and exercise lately.  It’s hard to admit, after being so diligent for so long, that bad habits are creeping back in.  After doing strength training for at least two times a week for six months, I have only been to the gym a few times this entire month.  I have also been struggling with my eating.  I feel hungrier than normal and have been using that as in excuse to eat whatever I want.

It could be a summer slump.  It could be because I was on vacation and out of my routine for about 10 days.  It could be because I have been suffering from a cold for about a week.  It doesn’t matter the reason, I need to get back on plan.

I took my vacation so I could help out at Vacation Bible School.  I had this vision that I would do that in the mornings and have afternoons and evenings to do whatever I wanted.  Of course, it didn’t work out that way.  I was recruited to do the preschool arts and crafts, which I enjoyed, but meant I spent most of my afternoons and evenings cutting, pasting, and planning activities.

One thing that I did get to accomplish was to take my son to see the “Dinos Alive” exhibit, with life size animatronic dinosaurs.  We have been to these exhibits every time we can get to them.  It was held at Moody Gardens in Galveston, a place I have been to often, just not recently.  There is a pretty good set of stairs leading up to the main building where tickets are purchased.  It’s been several years since I climbed those steps and when I got to the top this time I realized I wasn’t out of breath.  For so many years going up those steps had left me winded and embarrassed; I almost wanted to run back down and come up again.  However, it was 95+ degrees with 90% humidity- I resisted a second trip.

This is the nugget of truth I keep focusing on- I don’t want my size to hold me back.  I can’t stop the clock, but I can choose how I age.  Do I want to be tethered to a chair, unable to walk or climb stairs, or do I want to be able to go on outings and keep up with the preschoolers in my Sunday School class without getting breathless?

The answer is why I will be back at the gym.

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