Simply Scrubs…

One of the side effects, for me, of being so overweight for so long, was that I really didn’t care much about my appearance.  Am I clean?  Do I smell good?  If I could answer yes to those questions I was good to leave the house.

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Being overweight doesn’t mean someone is not attractive.  I know many overweight women who look great, but I have always felt like I was missing the “beauty secrets” gene.  I almost had a panic attack in an Ulta Beauty Store once, as I felt so out of place and was certain that everyone else in the store knew it.

It has helped that I have mostly had jobs where scrubs were required as part of a dress code.  I haven’t even had the freedom to pick the color- it has been navy blue (ugly), gray (even uglier) and forest green (better, but the shortest lived color choice).  However, no one could tell I lacked fashion sense- we all looked the same.

As I lost weight, I found myself much more interested in how I looked and I raised the bar a little higher than “clean”.  I have found I like pretty things and clothes shopping is not the chore I once considered it to be.  The dress code at my main job is either business casual or scrubs and I have been opting to look cute.

However, in recent weeks, I have had a desire to simplify and and declutter things in my life.  It struck me how much easier managing my work wardrobe would be if I went back to wearing scrubs.  There are no worries about matching shoes or accessories.  I don’t have to figure out which items have to be washed or dried a particular way.  They are amazingly easy to wear and lightweight enough to combat the heat in Houston.  

I am in my second week of wearing scrubs and have been delighted to find this plan works as well as I thought it would.  I am very comfortable and it certainly has simplified getting ready in the morning. 

I did make one allowance for style and picked a pretty color- it’s called azalea and I love it!

Denise in scrubs2

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