gift-made-package-loop-42231.jpegThe world seems like such a negative place sometimes.  I turn on the news or browse the internet and I feel overwhelmed with all the hurt and sadness I see.  It’s easy to carry it around with me and let it drag down my mood and dwell on it.  I want to create a place, even if it is just for me alone, where I can find positive things, a celebration of the best things in my life and in the world, things like love, light, hope, color and joy.

One of my favorite places in the world is a Hallmark store.  I worked in these types of stores for many years when I was younger.  There is always something to celebrate there- birthdays, new babies, weddings and of course, holidays. Even the most obscure holidays, it seems, have cards to honor them, if not the matching gift wrap and bows as well.  I love all the beautiful cards with the brightly colored envelopes and joyful artwork and embellishments.  I can spend hours ferreting out all the cute what-nots they sell as gifts.  But most of all, I love the smell, somehow the blend of candles, potpourri, soap and fresh paper create an amazing blend of aromas that instantly calms me.

If I could put my zen space in my living room, it would be the seasonal card and gift aisles of a Hallmark store.





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